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The Tobacco, Health and History Project brings together researchers from a diverse range of fields, including Bioarchaeology, Chemistry, Palaeopathology, History, Archaeology, Biomolecular Sciences and Sociology, affiliates and collaborates with multiple universities, museums, archaeological units, and heritage groups. 

Dr. Sarah Inskip

Project leader

I am a researcher based at the University of Leicester interested in the integration of skeletal evidence obtained from archaeological human skeletal remains with historical and modern health narratives. 

Dr. Diego Badillo-Sanchez

Research Associate in
Analytical Chemistry

I am a Colombian scientist specialized in the archaeometry field, focused on physical-chemical analysis and the use of analytical and statistical methods for the characterization and understanding of materials on a macro, micro, and molecular scale. 

Dr. Anna Davies Barrett

Research Associate in
Human Palaeopathology

I am a specialist in the analysis and curation of human remains, with a particular focus on palaeopathology (the study of ancient diseases). 

María Serrano Ruber

Laboratory Technician and osteoarchaeologist

I am a specialist in osteoarchaeology (the analysis and study of human remains) with a particular focus on metabolic disease, especially vitamin D deficiency. 

Willem Baetsen

PhD Candidate in Human Osteoarchaeology

I am a specialist in osteoarchaeology (the analysis and study of human remains in an archaeological context) with a varied career encompassing both academic and commercial work. 


TEAM Maia Casna

Maia Casna

(PhD student)

Faculty of Archaeology, Leiden University 

Doctoral researcher in osteoarchaeology interested in paleopathology and medieval development 

TEAM Judith Lopez

Judith Lopez Aceves

(PhD student)

School of Archaeology and Ancient History, University of Leicester

Archaeometry of smoking vessels of Central and South America

TEAM Bianca Bonucci

Bianca Bonucci 

(PhD student)

Institute of Genomics, University of Tartu 

Genetics of the oral microbiome 


Onderzoeksbureau Oud Land

Dr Nico Arts

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