Our team

The Tobacco, Health and History Project brings together researchers from a diverse range of fields, including Bioarchaeology, Chemistry, Palaeopathology, History, Archaeology, Biomolecular Sciences and Sociology, and collaborates with multiple universities, museums, archaeological units, and heritage groups. 

Dr. Sarah Inskip

Project leader

I am a researcher based at the University of Leicester interested in the integration of skeletal evidence obtained from archaeological human skeletal remains with historical and modern health narratives. 

Dr. Diego Badillo-Sanchez

Research Associate in
Analytical Chemistry

I am a Colombian scientist specialized in the archaeometry field, focused on physical-chemical analysis and the use of analytical and statistical methods for the characterization and understanding of materials on a macro, micro, and molecular scale. 

Dr. Anna Davies Barrett

Research Associate in
Human Palaeopathology

I am a specialist in the analysis and curation of human remains, with a particular focus on palaeopathology (the study of ancient diseases). 

María Serrano Ruber

Laboratory Technician and osteoarchaeologist

I am a specialist in osteoarchaeology (the analysis and study of human remains) with a particular focus on metabolic disease, especially vitamin D deficiency. 

Willem Baetsen

PhD Candidate in Human Osteoarchaeology

I am a specialist in osteoarchaeology (the analysis and study of human remains in an archaeological context) with a varied career encompassing both academic and commercial work. 

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Dr Nico Arts

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