Men resting to smoke by the ruins of Baalbeck, Lebanon. Coloured lithograph by L. Haghe after D. Roberts, 1839.
Wellcome Collection.

Two new tobacco history networks!  

July 4, 2022

Following two conferences on tobacco history in December 2021, we are pleased to share that there are now two tobacco networks.  

The Interdisciplinary Tobacco History Network aims to bring together those interested in the history of tobacco no matter their discipline, area or time period of focus. It will act as a conduit for dialogue on tobacco, its production, use, commodification, and the profound impact it has had on the lives of people and their societies in the past and the present. We hope to encourage wider and inclusive dialogues about tobacco’s history and to connect researchers working on similar themes and debates. To join this network please email  

The Global Tobacco History Network is an academic network for the global and imperial history of tobacco. The network has no temporal focus. With the network, we wish to meet the need for a profound exchange of knowledge between geographically focused research landscapes on tobacco. At the same time, we would like to strengthen the place of historical tobacco research among current commodity histories. To join the network, please email Alexander van Wickeren (, with a short statement about your research interest. 

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